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Studio Constance

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About Constance

Constance was launched in 2020 by Swedish knitwear designer Rebecca Dovenryd Almberg to bring more sustainability, innovative thinking, and healthy practices to the luxury knitwear industry. Embracing slow fashion as the new modus operandi for a sustainable future, Constance is committed to only making original knitwear pieces in classic luxury that will last for decades.

Our manufacturers have been chosen for their sustainable practices and extensive experience working with high-end knitwear. Each piece in our collection has been designed with exceptional attention to detail, shape, and silhouette using only high quality materials.

Constance Circle

Constance Circle is the brainchild of Founder, Rebecca Dovenryd Almberg, and fundamental to Constance’s identity. Still in its early phases, Constance Circle is a platform where sustainably-driven customers can shop pre-owned pieces from previous Constance Collections and for Constance customers to repurpose their Constance garments. Based on the garment’s condition, customers will receive a gift certificate that can be used towards a new purchase. We aim to create a circular business model and to extend the lifetime of every garment that we have produced. 

Sustainability and Manufacturing

We are proud to offer timeless clothes that doesn’t go out of fashion, in an effort to fight irresponsible consumerism. Our products are made out of organically and locally sourced materials and are eligible to be recycled or up-cycled for Constance Circle. We only use natural fibers, organic raw materials, recycled yarn and/or pre-consumer left overs. Our development process, production and supply chain is fully traceable and all our clothes are ethically made at the highest quality standards.

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Art Direction — Rasmus Nilsson
Code — Cody Wall
Photo — David William Baum
Photo — Claire Leahy